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Thursday, August 15, 11:00a
Saturday, August 17, 11:00a
Thursday, August 22, 11:00a
Saturday, August 24, 11:00a
Tickets $15 per family

The littlest of theater-goers are invited to come along as Rumplestiltskin spins the tale of his chance encounter with the Princess who convinced a King she could turn straw into gold. Though he offers his help, it comes at quite a cost. Will the Princess be saved? Will she get her Happily Ever After? Will the kids of the kingdom help her best Rumplestiltskin? And maybe- just maybe- when it all ends, our magical storyteller will find redemption through the power of friendship.

25 minutes

Good for All Ages

Takes place in theater lobby

—Kids sit on floor, Adults will be offered chairs

$15 per family

Limit 20 families

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